Hannah Kay Piché

Hannah Kay makes works that are created both digitally and made by hand. Ranging from hand drawn illustrations to layout designs for print.  Favorite themes are anything geometric as well as designs inspired by native art. She has a healthy obsession for triangles and pickles.

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Lindsey Vittali

Lindsey Vittali is an Amsterdam based artist with a heart for the darker styles of illustration. Theme's like life and death are a common subject in her free work. Her style is mostly themed with a melancholic message, with sketchy or tattoo-like lines.  With pencils she make the most bad-ass illustrations for print or as wall illustrations This girl draws the oldskool way by hand or newskool on her tablet

Samay June

Creative with pencils, chalks and paint since 1992, now a days trying to crossing her borders with illustrations, typo graphics and capturing everything she finds interesting on the way.  Simple and clever design is where she gets her inspiration from. Design with a twist and a bit of humour. Style wise Graphic wise and passionate. Based in Amsterdam where the streets look differently by the hour, she doesn't want to miss a thing.

Designers Uncover Lab



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